Typographic Studies

Cropped and Combined Letter Forms

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Type Comparison 

A comparison between the font families Myriad and Verdana.


New (Invented) Punctuation Mark: The optimism mark

Rendered by hand in the style of several type families.


The optimism mark is derived from a period and functions similarly, falling at the end of a sentence indicating the end of an idea. Formally, it resembles a period cradled with an upward swooping line, softening the gesture. Functionally, the mark ends a sentence with insinuation of an optimistic though or idea. The feeling the mark emanates, falls between the excitation of an exclamation mark and the precise somberness of a period. Its purpose is more clearly depict the mood of the sentence, and add a level of visual description to punctuations.

The period is indifferent and factual, the excitation mark is very enthusiastic and the optimism mark is upbeat. This mark could be useful in public speaking or plays, as directions for rhetoric. The gesture of the mark, curved upward like a smile, implies and alludes to happiness.


Hierarchy plates 

A quote from Bradbury Thompson rendered in different typographical choices and packaged in relation to Thompson’s Work.

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Built letterforms and photography illustrate the meaning of form functional and literally.


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