The Perfect Human Remix

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Project Description
A second iteration sparked by a reaction to some of the feedback from The Perfect Human Narrative and a curiosity about Sifteo cubes their SDK.

Sifteo cubes are small and portable; allowing for a more intimate experience than the big multi-touch surface used for the first iteration.

Each cube senses proximity and know if its being tilted, shaken, or placed next to another cube. The cubes do not support video. As a result, video clips were translated into short animations. Each cube contains several animations. To switch to from one animation to the next, users click on the cube’s screen. When two cubes are placed next to each other both animations play along with there respected sound.


User Feedback

During Fresh Media, a week-long student DMI show in April of 2012, this version of The Perfect Human Narrative was displayed. Six short animations, scenes created from a series of GIFs, and were shown on six cubes. As users click on the screens, the scene changes. When two cubes are placed next to each other the scene begins to animate. When separated the animation stops. As users interacted with the cubes, changing both the positioning and the scenes shown, the narrative shifted meaning. Participants challenged the system in interesting ways during the opening of Fresh Media. Not only did users shift the cubes proximity on the pedestal surface, but the began to build with the cubes. Users found it very intriguing that the scenes would still animate when the cubes were stacked on top of one another. One participant used her iPhone to photograph the cubes. Then she displayed the photograph on her phone screen and placed it around the cubes. This added extra images to the narrative and changed the meaning further. Users also moved the cubes to other locations of the gallery. It was very satisfying to see participants enjoying the system and creatively pushing its limits. Other interesting feedback given by one user was that the video felt tangible to her. She was intrigued by this concept and like the idea that she could hold the animation in her hands. One user commented that he felt the proximity and shape built changed meaning like an installation. Many users were intrigued by what the technologies original function was and were surprised to here children’s games. Overall, it was very exciting and gratifying to observe and talk to participants during the opening. As a result I was able to improve the system.


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