Things That Matter: An interactive installation

Project Overview
The Things That Matter plays on the intrinsic truth implied by an archive. It also addresses elements of curation and documentation through the act of taking a photograph. The system allows participants to archive any common object they have with them at the moment they encounter the installation. This installation raises the status of an ordinary object to an archived artifact through documenting and assigning it meaning.
Hardware and Display
The finished installation takes to form of a free standing wooden sculptural object. Images are captured with a highresolution camera  triggered by a fabric button (capture application written in processing). Tagging uses an RFID reader and tags networking with an Arduino. A projection displays the results of each visitors addition to the archive.
Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 4.36.38 PM
Some items collected during MFA thesis show in May of 2012 in Mass Art’s Bakalar and Paine Galleries.


Early Prototyping: 



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